Friday, July 6, 2007

Middle Yough Rafting Trip - July 14th

Here is information for our Middle Yough rafting trip next Saturday, July 14th.
The outfitters name is Wilderness Voyagers and their telephone number is 800-272-4141 in case you have any questions.
There is a 10:00 slot and a 12:00 slot - each of these times would require us to be there a half hour in advance (9:30 and 11:30) in order to make the shuttle.

To rent a single duckie is $30.00
To rent a raft is $22.50 per person and the raft will hold four people.

I will need to call and make reservations by Tuesday, July 10th, in order to reserve a slot.

Emily and I can be available for either time - so whatever works best for everyone else.


1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Am afraid I won't be able to make it on this trip - will be up in Ithaca dragon boating...

Hope you all have fun though :)